HH says PF, constitution committee trying to include gay rights in the draft

United Party for National development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has accused the technical committee tasked to draft the constitution of deliberately delaying to produce the draft constitution in order to enshrine gay right in the draft.

The UPND leader says the technical committee has made deliberate moves in delaying the draft constitution which was supposed to be released yesterday so that at a later stage they could include gay rights in the document.

Mr. Hakainde said the technical committed promised to give the people of Zambia a draft constitution on the 29thFebruary, 2012 but has changed following Mr. Ban’s visit to Zambia with his message of gay right which he said government want to include in the constitution.

Speaking on UNZA radio programme dubbed ‘the Lusaka Star’ this morning, Mr. Hichilema accused President Michael Sata and his government of supporting the proposal by United Nations Secretary General that the country should respect gay rights.

Mr. Hakainde stated that President Sata’s silence on the matter is an indication that he is agreeable to Mr. Ban’s gay rights propagation.

He noted that the coming of Ban Ki Moon to Zambia was well planned by government adding that President Sata might have known that the UN Secretary General was coming to Zambia to ‘preach’ the message of gay rights .

He said having known the mission of Mr. Ban, the President should have commented to either distance him or openly support so that people of Zambia can know the stance of Government and Patriotic Front as a party.

Mr. Hichilema stated that gay rights have no place in the Zambia constitution saying if government decided to enshrine it in the constitution, the country will not accept  as it is morally wrong for a Christian nation like Zambia to allow such laws in the country.

He said Zambians should not accept aid from the West tied to conditions such as allowing gay rights.

Mr. Hakainde accused government of having blocked all opposition leaders including him from meeting the UN General Assembly to disagree with him on gay right but noted that he has written a letter to him to express displeasure on the matter.

Responding to a caller, Mr. Elijah Ngwale who wanted to know what should be done to people who are already practicing gayism, Mr. Hichilema said the law should visit them as they are lawbreakers.

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