HH says he won’t divorce his wife as suggested by Sampa

HH says he won’t divorce his wife as suggested by Sampa

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says he will not divorce his wife to marry a Bemba woman as advised by Lusaka province minister Miles Sampa.

Hichilema was speaking on Radio Phoenix programme ‘Let the People talk’ Tuesday morning.

Hichilema, who started and ended his programme by playing the popular political lyrics in ‘Bantalamisoka’  generally dismissed the PF government’ s performance and accused president Sata of promoting tribalism.

Hichilema also revealed that he congratulated Sata a few hours after he was declared president. He said he wrote him a letter.

But Hichilema said Sata’s performance so far is not encouraging. He said Sata is just issuing unresearched statements against Zambians and the national currency.

He said Sata should realise that he is now president and his job is deliver development. He said Sata should protect the Kwacha and not undermine it by issuing false statements.

On Sata’s tribalism, Hichilema said people are watching and speaking and they know what is going on.

He said that Sata’s conduct in appointing people suggests that some tribes have no professionals who can be appointed to public office.

Hichilema casigated Miles Sampa for his statement in parliament three weeks ago that Tongas should marry Bemba women in order for them to produce a president.

Hichilema said Sampa’ statement injured a lot of people and that ‘even in bedrooms’  people who are married to people from other tribes are now asking if they should divorce their current wives and marry Bembas.

Hichilema said that his wife if from Central province but that he will not divorce her despite the Lusaka provincial minister’s wish.

He also reiterated that speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini was wrong to allow that kind of ‘divisive and dangerous’ talk in parliament. He said he is surprised that even other MP tolerated the ‘dangerous’ speech from Sampa.

Sampa retracted his statement from parliament saying he was misunderstood.

And Hichilema says he is opposed to homosexuality. He said on the same programme that it is wrong for rich countries like USA and UK to impose homosexuality on Zambia just because they give the country money.

He said that Zambia’s Christian status and African values must be respected.

Hichilema also wished that radio houses like Phoenix could become national.

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