HH says Lungu’s threats on judiciary must be taken seriously

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has said Edgar Lungu’s threats on the judiciary must be taken seriously but has called on Judges to remain strong amid threats from dictator Lungu because they are protected by the people and the constitution.

Below is what Hakainde Hichilema has written:

This morning at our press briefing we noted with dismay remarks made by Mr Edgar Lungu while in Solwezi, where he was threatening the judges from independently dispensing justice in our country.

Edgar Lungu must know that as an officer of the Court, he is bound by certain professional ethics. He can’t speak about his office (the court) in such a manner. The law is the law, and Edgar Lungu swore to protect the constitution, the same sacrosanct document he was disparaging at Solwezi airport.

The statement from Lungu is equivalent to declaring war on a group of professionals. That in international law is called state sponsored terrorism.

We, therefore, call on citizens of this country to stop Edgar Lungu from abrogating our country’s constitution and breaking the law. When we say our country needs strong institutions, it’s to regulate this kind of behavior from selfish individuals like Lungu.

The Kenyan Supreme Court has set a good precedent by nullifying that country’s presidential election and anyone not guilty of a crime must not begin to threaten judges.

To the judges; our call to you is for you to remain strong, because you are protected by both Zambians and the constitution. Please dispense justice and matters according to the constitution and the law not according to the way someone’s feels.

Lastly, Edgar Lungu’s threat of chaos must be taken seriously by both the citizens and the international community. It reeks of extrajudicial killings that are common in countries where dictatorship is the norm. Zambians, lets us safeguard our country from the chaos.

God bless you all, God Bless our Country.


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