HH says PF are now a ruining party, Mike Mulongoti accuses PF of abandoning the people

Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says there is really no need for certain actions and policies that the PF take that end up hurting majority Zambians.

And People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti said he may decide to support the UPND depending on the reading of the political mood ahead of the 2016 elections.

Speaking when he received 106 defectors from PF and other parties, Mr. Hichilema said he finds it appalling that people end up praising the PF even when they reverse actions they should not have taken in the first place.

“Today some people are praising Mr. Michael Sata and  his PF government for reinstating the fired nurses when the action was unnecessary in the first place. And the damage has already been done as many people have lost lives due to lack of nurses. I even wrote to him against firing nurses. I visited some hospitals but his vice-president Guy Scott said everything was normal in hospitals. Now people have lost lives and thats when he decides to reverse an action he should not done in the first place because his government promised those nurse better pay,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He said even today some people want to praise Mr. Sata and his government over the suspension of the SI 33 and 55 that has led the economy to near collapse, when they should not have done that action in the first place and that as a party they have been vindicated.

“And we are still appealing to him to reinstate the mealie meal and fuel subsidy that have seen the prices of food and living conditions get worse. He should not wait to be praised over actions he should not have taken in the first place. This country deserves better leadership and not the kind of experiments the PF are subjecting the Zambian people. In fact the PF are no longer a ruling party, but are now a RUINING party,” he said.

Mr. Hichilema said he has also warned the PF and Mr. Sata over certain actions and statements that are scaring away investors such as inconsitencies over the people driven constitution, arresting opposition leaders and journalists, and the total break down of the law,” he said.

Among those who joined are Macdonald Mulongoti, the young brother to People’s Pact president Mike Mulongoti who said he could not join his brother because politics was not about family business.

And featuring on radio Phoenix’s let the people programme, Mike Mulongoti said there was nothing wrong in him having supported the PF in 2011 and that he may decide to support the UPND this time around depending on the reading of the political mood.

Mr. Mulongoti said he was a political tactician who reads the political mood well and that if next time he decides to support Mr. Hichilema he will do so because he loved politics and would love to provide a service.

He accused the PF of having abandoned the people an action which they will be punished.

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