HH says PF wants to deliberately sabotage constitutional making

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says his Members of Parliament will go with the position of the Grand Coalition with regards the Constitution Bill which comes up for second reading in Parliament today.

Mr. Hichilema says the UPND cannot support a process it knows will deliver piece meal amendments when what the people of Zambia want is a whole new constitution adopted through a referendum.

He says he suspects that the ruling PF wants the current constitution making process to fail just like previous processes have been failing.

He says this is because the ruling PF wants some provisions of the draft constitution not to be retained in the new Constitution.

Mr. Hichilema states that what the ruling party does not however realize is the fact that the Constitution belongs to the People of Zambia.

He says the People of Zambia have already spoken in this case that they want a new Constitution which includes the Bill of Rights.

Mr. Hichilema states that this therefore implies that Parliament is a wrong platform to deliver a new constitution.

He says being the party in government, the ruling PF is supposed to do what the people want because this is what he believes leadership entails.

Mr. Hichilema however told QFM News that UPND Members of Parliament have not been given any specific instructions with regards the constitution amendment bill.

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