HH says poverty in slums like George Compound affects him personally

HH says poverty in slums like George Compound affects him personally

HH hh2 HH  4 hh1UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has assured the residents of Matero in Lusaka  that he meant well for the people of Zambia and fully shares their sufferings in places like George compound.

And a represantive of the residents told Hicilema that the community is ashamed of  having voted for politicians who have turned out to be liers and cannot address their misery.

Speaking when they met opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema on Sunday afternoon during the mobilization tour in Lima Ward Matero, the community said it was sad that the people they voted for have ended-up pursuing their selfish interests.

The community who invited Mr. Hichilema for a meeting at one of the community schools said they were now looking for someone like him who would help them and their children.

“We want you Mr. Hichilema as we feel cheated by the PF regime and leadership. We are wondering why a country full of unemployed young people can have old characters like Daniel Munkombwe being given jobs at the expense of our children. And these old people do not even have any shame to brag that they are in leadership to eat and not to save the Zambians” said the community representative.

In an apparent reference to president Michael Sata, the community said they vividly remember how some people used to move with empty fuel containers each time there was a fuel increase or shortage and the same people today have the audacity to defend fuel increases at the expense of the poor.

“I personally have relatives in these places and it pains me a lot that resources are being wasted in trivia issues like endless by-elections that are being induced by the PF who want to destroy democracy. I sincerely want to try and contribute to the social-economic empowerment of households at community level and time was now that they should all put their efforts together to fight the poverty in their midst without looking at where each one of them comes from. We should all embrace the spirit of oneness as Zambians so that the poverty in our neighborhood is defeated,” said Mr. Hichilema.

He told them that Zambia was a rich country and that if all Zambians were to work as one people whilst accepting their divergent political views, Zambia would be an icon of prosperity in Africa.

He said the biggest problem the country was facing was having a leadership that doesn’t know what priorities but was only busy feeding their stomachs.

“Can you imagine all the resources being spent on by-elections and because they have eaten everything, they now want the poor people to finance these by-elections by paying more for fuel, mealie meal and electricity and transport,” Mr. Hichilema said.

He said Zambia currently has the largest number of ministers in probably in Africa that are being financed from poor people’s taxes and that those in leadership increase their allowances and allocations whenever they increase our foods and fuels.

Mr. Hichilema said the PF was now even openly black-mailing and cheating Zambians that if they voted for the opposition, their areas will not be developed yet there were areas like Lilanda, George, Misisi, Kalingalinga and others that are under PF but are not being cared for.

“Each time I go to visit people and my relatives in these areas, I ask myself why people are still suffering, perhaps even in worse position than those held by the opposition yet the PF keep cheating people they will develop areas under them. Here we are, the same poverty here in Matero is the same one I find in Kasama, in Lukulu, Lundazi, Mansa, and everywhere just because we have a leadership that has completely wrong priorities,” Mr. Hichilema said.

Mr. Hichilema who also received a number of defectors from the ruling PF said he will from now on spend more time with fellow Zambians in these areas despite the numerous PF induced by-elections that he has to attend to.

Mr. Hichilema later walked some distance along Matero road to the bus stop where he was mobbed by a number of people who were taken by surprise at his presence in the area.


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