HH says Sata has no message or plan for Zambia

HH says Sata has no message or plan for Zambia

(UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has charged that Republican President Michael Sata has no message and agenda for the people of Zambia.

Lusaka-20140501-00086 Lusaka-20140501-00087 Lusaka-20140501-00088 Lusaka-20140501-00090Mr. Hichilema says the move taken by President Sata today during Labour Day celebrations shows that he is not concerned about the welfare of the workers.

Speaking during the launch of UPND Youth Mobilization Programme which attracted hundreds of youths in Lusaka this afternoon, Mr. Hichilema says the youths at the moment are paused with a challenge due to the poor leadership of the PF.

Mr. Hichilema states that it is clear in the minds of the youths that they were deceived by the PF that they will be given jobs as seen with most of them remaining unemployed.

He says the agenda of his party is clear and that the first gift they will offer the youths of Zambia is free education for all.

The UPND leader furthermore adds that it is unfortunate that poverty is at the peak now since Zambia got independence.

He has maintained that the ruling PF has taken the rule of law and that the people should not give them more time and chance to destroy the peace of this country.

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