HH says Sata’s threats won’t stop him from checking govt


I find Mr. Sata’s move to sue me to be highly abusive of the legal process and a blatant attempt to intimidate the opposition with a view to bring back the one party political behaviour in the country.  It is strange that a man who has a record of abusing others on a political platform, now suddenly finds it exciting to sue on matters which are purely political and intended to provide checks and balances for him to be accountable to the electorates.

In the recent past, he has verbally abused so many        citizens. For instance,          he has threatened Chief   Madzimawe and Senior Chief Nzamane of Eastern Province, called the Ngambela of Western Province fake, ridiculed the Litunga on his uniform and called on the already educated Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Executive Director, Rev.        Pukuta Mwanza to go back to night school.  The list of these abuses is endless especially when you consider his political conduct as an opposition leader.

In my case he has abused me several times and this       is in public knowledge.  For example, he lied (and defamed me) that I stole  the  house  I  live  in.          Although this was a         clear case of defamation, I elected simply to prove the falsity of his statement and left the rest for the people of Zambia to judge.

It must be stated at this stage of Mr. Sata’s Presidency that    he is allergic to criticism, which is inevitable in a democracy.  Further, it is worrying to have a Head of State who is hell bent on abusing Presidential powers to protect his friends     such as the single  sourcing  in  the State House renovations case and the protection of  the  Director  of Public Prosecutions,    Mutembo Nchito and Fred Mmembe from paying public money (K14billion) they owe Development Bank of Zambia, when many retirees have not been paid their retirement benefits.

It must also be mentioned that it would appear Mr. Sata’s actions of suing me and others are intended to divert attention of the people of Zambia from holding him accountable to the many electoral promises he gave but has lamentably failed to         deliver.  Mr. Sata is also trying to sway public attention arising from many blunders that have characterized his leadership this far.

I would like to take this opportunity to warn Mr. Sata that no amount of threats of any nature let alone legal suits will      deter me  and  the  UPND  from  exposing inadequacies in his leadership.  We have a constitutional and democratic mandate to provide oversight on the      executive, and that we pledge to do without fear or favour.

Further, I commit to the people of Zambia that I shall not  waver in the execution of my duty in the noble quest to hold government accountable and transparent.

Finally, my free and friendly advise to Mr. Sata is that instead of spending most of his time politicking, he should now concentrate all his efforts on addressing the challenges that our country is faced with especially the economy.  Young people want more jobs, retirees want to be paid their benefits, Civil Servants want improved conditions of service, farmers need to be paid good prices and on time for their produce, and the citizens in general want to benefit from the mineral wealth of this country.  These are the issues we expect the President to be dealing with and not attempting to stifle opposition voices.

Hakainde Hichilema


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