HH says UPND shall focus on eradicating poverty

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema says the UPND will focus on eradicating poverty in the country and not fighting vengeful battles with wrong doers in the PF. He has however maintained that those stealing the country’s under the protection of the PF will have to face the law so that what belongs to Zambians is returned.

Speaking during a press briefing at the party secretariat, Hichilema said running battles with PF leaders for vengeful purposes was time wasting because Zambians are so anxious to see the country develop, hence their desire to change. He emphasized that in economics time was a precious resource which should not be squandered.

And the UPND leader expressed confidence of winning the Mangango and other seats where elections will be held. He based his confidence on the people’s desire to change and the continued absence of leadership by the PF.

He challenged government to explain the results of the alleged trip Sata undertook to Israel . Hichilema maintained that the Presidency was a public and national property and whatever the President does must be communicated to citizens who are the ultimate employers.

“Since they said that President Sata had gone to meet investors in Israel, they are duty bound to explain to the country how fruitful the trip was. But I know that demanding for results from the Israel trip is like extracting milk from a stone,” said Hichilema in response to a question from a journalist.

Hichilema also castigated the continued disrespect of traditional leaders under the PF reign. He explained that there must be respect for traditional establishments and among Zambians because Zambia as a country was more important than an individual’s ego.

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