HH says violence must end


The unprecedented political thuggery and violence currently going on in our country must be stopped immediately. It has no place in our society and is self destructive.

The heinous crimes being experienced, especially against women in Zambia, and against public property, reflect the total breakdown in law and order the PF Government have brought in.

As UPND, we are sending a strong message: give us an opportunity to run this country, anyone perpetrating thuggery and violence will be on their own and must be ready to face the full wrath of the law without expecting protection from our government or political leadership.

We want our mothers, bus and taxi drivers, passengers, and citizens in general to freely use public utilities such as markets, bus stops and taxi ranks without fearing to be lynched by unruly thugs as is the case at the moment.

As a Christian nation committed to observing Christian values, our commitment is to empower our people people, especially youths and women, with life long skills and a good education as well as providing them with the job and business opportunities they deserve.

We want you to be hired to conduct productive jobs and earn good salaries, not be hired to commit thuggery such as stripping of our women in public places.

To our women and men in uniforms, we know the difficulties you are operating under and the pressure being applied by PF thugs.

When we come to power we shall remunerate you well and restore your dignity to conduct your work professionally so that there can be order in our society again. Only this way will we attract both local and foreign investment that will generate jobs for our people.

All that is part of our 10 Point Plan for Zambia under good governance. Give us your vote on 11 Aug and our plan will change the course of country and discard this ugly chapter to history.

#ZambiaForward #PeaceInZambia

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