HH says voter register is being altered in opposition strongholds

HH says voter register is being altered in opposition strongholds


United Party for National Development president Hakainde Hichilema has expressed fear that anomalies in the voter register will disadvantage the opposition.

And Hichilema has refuted allegations that he bribed some MMD councilors to influence their defection to his party.

Hichilema said the electoral register was in ‘bad shape’, with certain disparities not clearly explained by the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

He charged that the details of some registered voters had been altered, especially in opposition strongholds, and there is a risk of these voters being disenfranchised.

He said the ruling MMD is doing everything possible to ensure that they tilt the political playing field to their advantage ahead of this year’s general elections.

He said the political playing field was unlevelled but pledged that his party would work hard to win votes despite the unfavourable atmosphere created by the MMD.

“We are ready to win despite what is happening. We promise to deliver on the creation of jobs, better health care and infrastructure once we are in office,” he said.

On the councilors, Hichilema said they defected because they realised that the UPND is the only one that is able to deliver on its promises to better the living standards of Zambians.

He said the defectors had realised that the ruling MMD has nothing to offer the ordinary Zambians whom the councillors represent, hence their decision to shift camp.

“At no time did I bribe any of the officials to move to the UPND. They have done so on their own will, because they have realised that the UPND is the only party that is able to deliver meaningful development,” he said.


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