HH sends cows for Solwezi celebrations



UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has sent an undisclosed number of cows to Solwezi.

The Cows are meant for slaughtering and eating as part of the celebrations for the party’s parliamentary and local government elections in Solwezi and Zambezi district.

UPND sources have revealed that the celebrations will take place this weekend. Hichilema is scheduled to fly from Lusaka to Northwestern province on Saturday.

Sources were unclear on how many cows have been taken but indicated that there will be at least two cows slaughtered per ward.

“Each ward will have their own party and will receive two cows for slaughtering,’ said one UPND member.

Hichilema has thousands of cows from his numerous farms but the Solwezi bound were donated from his farm in Chisamba, said sources.

Hichilema is expected to start by gracing the celebrations on Saturday in Zambezi where the party won the two local government elections. On Sunday he will join the celebrations in Solwezi where he will address the celebrants.

According to UPND sources, the celebrations are meant to maintain the momentum as Hichilema is said to have vowed to ‘politically’ control the province and use it for his UPND-PF pact presidency bid.

It’s not yet clear if PF leader Michael Sata or any other PF senior party officials will travel for the party.

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