HH should be in Lubansenshi not Solwezi


I’m just surprised that the whole of the UPND does not know by now the modus operandi of the PF. What’s happening in Lubansenshi is sad. And instead of Mr HH to take action by going and defend Hon Mucheleka from the Pf police,he’s enjoying the people of Solwezi in his stronghold. He only issued a statement today. I expected him to confront this issue when he had his presser on Monday but to my shock,nothing was mentioned about the harassment of Hon Mucheleka is facing at the hands of the PF police. Lubashenshi by-election is so important and the PF knows this again my shock,UPND does not know this. If UPND wins this by-election,Mr HH can be rest assured that next year,he will be Zambia’s next president. Instead of taking action and prevent the PF from intimidating the UPND,he went to Solwezi where he commands massive support. Truth be told,Solwezi by election is not as important as lubashenshi because a win at lubashenshi by the UPND will signal the end of PF in bemba land and unlike a will in Solwezi which is their stronghold. Mr HH is supposed to be in Lubansheshi protecting Hon Mucheleka from the PF police. I see the PF stealing next years election under the UPND’s nose because the UPND is not vigilant enough to stop this rot.
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