HH should be last person to talk about good corporate governance: Sakeni

Information Minister Kennedy Sakeni says UNPD leader Hakainde Hichilema should be the last person in Zambia to talk about good corporate governance.

Sakeni made the remarks to defend President Michael Sata’s ‘bamba zonke’ decision to  he grab the Roads Development Agency (RDA) and place it at State House.

In a press statement written by George Chellah but sent in Sakeni’s name, he said the President has decided to take the unprecedented decision to assume direct oversight over the RDA because there are unscrupulous people who have been trying to use his name to acquire Government contracts at the expense of delivering quality services to our people.

He said Hichilema has been deliberately misleading the public on the matter.

‘In taking oversight over RDA, the President wants all the procedures and processes meant to protect public resources and deliver sound infrastructure development to our people to be fully observed. The President wishes to assure the public that in doing so he is within his full legal rights and privileges as Head of State and will work to respect the mandate that our people have given him.’ Reads the Statement.

He said: ‘the impression created by opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on this matter is deliberately misleading and opportunistic.

‘If Mr. Hichilema was a beneficiary of the RDA in the manner it was supervised and operated previously, then hard luck to him,’ he said.

‘Mr. Hichilema should be the last person to school Government on good corporate governance; knowing fully well the ethical eyebrows raised by the manner in which he handled the privatisation of various parastatals.

‘Unlike him, President Sata’s record in public service is spotless and at no point has he ever extracted personal benefits at the expense of the general citizenry when mandated to preside over a specific national programme,’ the statement signed by Sakeni but written by George Chellah reads.

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