HH soldiers will protect the people

HH soldiers will protect the people

Remain calm, defence forces owe their loyalty to the people of Zambia

HH writes …

I wish to note the deployment of the Zambia Armed Forces, alongside our Zambian Enforcement officers, as we defend the constitution of Zambia.

As citizens prepare to choose their leaders in elections next week on the 12th August 2021, we are reminded that the Zambian Armed Forces have always acted to defend our democracy and our people. That is their constitutional obligation.

Our Forces have an impeccable history in defence of constitutionalism since our independence, and through transitional periods in 1991, and 2011.

And so I urge citizens across the country to remain calm and confident that our men and women in uniform will carry out their duties with the utmost diligence, dedication and impartiality, to allow for free, fair and transparent elections in the coming days.

We are confident that officers who distinguish themselves in defending the will of the people, will be recognised by a grateful nation.

In the same vein, I urge the Armed Forces that will be deployed, to deliver fairness and justice in the way they will perform their duties amongst their civilian compatriots.

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