HH solidarity in Ndola is just tip on iceberg

HH solidarity in Ndola is just tip on iceberg


PF must be very careful in the way it conducts itself in the Country, it’s very clear that Zambians have been stretched to the limit; there is no looking back now. People who tuned up included the youths, middle aged and the old. What brought all these people is the suffering and misery they are going through. The economy has been mismanaged to the levels where people are prepared to die from a bullet than from hunger. You can dismiss this as nonsense but it’s a reality.

At one point I asked one old lady what she was doing there since she cannot even run in case of problems. This old lady said” my son I’m already dead. If I don’t support you people hunger will still kill me, so what’s the point of me fearing that gun (pointing at the Policemen with guns.) Let them shoot me it will be faster for me to die than the slow painful death from hunger.” I could not hold back tears.

As I moved towards the Civic Centre I met a very young boy and I told him to move away quickly out of that place before anything happens, but he said “you are mistaken I’m also part of this gathering” I pleaded with the boy to leave. The boy said “I’m a double orphan I only live with my elder sister who is also too young to work, we only survive on rentals we collect from the house we have subdivided left by our late parents. Now we hear this PF will be taking away that money from us, so better I die here.” You can imagine how I felt. Later I found women singing KAPATA MUKAYA MWENI AKAYA UKASHALA UCHIMONA.

This is what happens when those in power detach themselves from the suffering masses. The PF regime has been very insensitive to the cries of the people. The PF leadership is busy appeasing itself. The PF regime is so insensitive that it has continued squeezing the already suffering Zambians through endless taxes to pay back loans most of which just ended in their pockets.

Unlike the PF demonstration that was attended by hired cadres eating with PF, most of those who attended did not even understand why they were demonstrating. What was at hand was just bribery; people were ferried by free transport. But the HH one people moved on foot from very far townships of Ndola. The HH solidarity one was driven by people’s inner feelings of how they are suffering under this ruthless and brutal PF regime. The determination that I saw in people was enough to safely say that PF should start packing.

Next time don’t use your emotions and your so called power to silence the voice of the people.

Percy Chanda.

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter.

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