HH’ speech to parliament was dry, observes Milanzi MP

HH’ speech to parliament was dry, observes Milanzi MP

HH’s speech was not inspiring, PF MPs say

President Hakainde Hichilema’s speech to Parliament was not inspiring, says Milanzi member of parliament (PF) Melesiana Phiri.

Contributing to the motion on the speech delivered to the 1st session of the 13 National Assembly by President Hichilema, Phiri said the address did not address specifics in terms of economic transformation and job creation.

She further said the speech failed to acknowledge the strong infrastructure foundation left by the PF, as airports, roads and bridges were building blocks to a strong economy.

“The speech by the President was not inspiring as expected for a number of reasons,” Phiri said. “…on energy I expected the President to acknowledge that load-shedding is over, thanks to the PF administration for investing in power generation.”

Phiri, a former ZNBC broadcaster, said on good governance, the President missed the opportunity to condemn political violence, which she said had characterised elections in the country, leading to the death of former North Western PF provincial chairperson Jackson Kungo.

She said she expected President Hichilema to provide a road map on how his administration will creat jobs for the youths, and that the UPND campaigned on free education from nursery to university.

“And students are asking when they will implement free education…on agriculture farmers are expecting cheap fertilizer as promised by UPND. Again the President failed to explain how he was going to reduce the price of fertilizer from the current price (around K700) to the K250,” said Phiri.

Bwacha member of parliament (PF) Sydney Mushanga said young people are waiting for their promised jobs, and the civil servants too were waiting for the K1500 salary increments across the board to show on their January 2022 pay-slips as promised during the campaigns.

He said people were also expectant that the price of fuel will reduce from the over K17 to K5.

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