HH starts country wide distribution of masks

HH starts country wide distribution of masks


UPND President Hakainde Hichilema writes below…

Just distributed face masks to our people in Lusaka’s Meanwood-Ndeke area.

We encouraged the people to remain strong and come this August, turn out in numbers and vote for Change.

We will go to all places of our Country and distribute face masks while preaching messages of change and this time around no one stands in the way of the people.

You, the voters will decide your future and not those who count votes together with their accomplices who have run down the economy.

HH aka Bally

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    Japhet Kafute 2 weeks ago


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    Matthews Phiri 2 weeks ago

    Thank you.

    We need you in Eastern Province.

    Again, Thank you.

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    Takapite 2 weeks ago

    Catch up he thinks he is smarter than u! My foot

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    POLOAND 2 weeks ago

    Kikikikikiki8….kuti wa seka mweeee!!!!

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    Henry Nyirongo 2 weeks ago

    That’s the way to go

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    Julie Mudenda 2 weeks ago

    But one question – why no red masks? I am sure the Chinese have loads…

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      Ichalo Lifupa... 2 weeks ago

      #Judy Mudenda; We the employees working for the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK wear blue masks. I don’t understand why you are saying something that is not correct!

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    Julie Mudenda 2 weeks ago

    Good to see UPND showing through action that they understand the genuine needs of Zambian voters. Campaigns to date have really exposed people to Delta-variant covid currently ravaging and causing around 20% of all deaths in Lusaka Teaching Hospital (Source: US-funded clinical studies, June 21).

    HH has been wearing an FFP2 (N95) mask which offers far better protection than the blue disposable masks.

    As said in previous posts, important that everyone understands that only FFP3 masks (Source: Cambridge Trust hospital study, BBC, July 21) can offer potential for 100% protection. HH should set the example and adopt FFP3 masks to get the message across. Masks are expensive. It would be good to see fast strategy (post-election) to reduce the price. Masks should be made available for no more than 50 ngwee or widely free.

    That said, this is being pedantic. Great to see that we are bold and recognize the grave danger Zambia remains in due to this potential humanitarian crisis.

    My prayers go out to all my brothers and sisters during this pandemic. Together we can defeat this. No matter what happens with elections.

    Peace x