HH still sick, police should name Dr who treated him

HH still sick, police should name Dr who treated him


Police spokesperson Easter Katongo must try to be a professional police officer and stop being an evil PF cadre. The life of Hakainde Hichilema is in danger and it is evil of her to make jokes out of it. We all know that HH was poisoned and gassed with unknown chemicals and denied access to a medical doctor, his family and friends.

Now this PF cadre Easter Katongo tells us that HH is in good health and has been seen by his private doctor. Can she tell us the name of the private doctor or is that treasonable as well? Why can’t that private doctor issue an independent statement instead of giving HH’s medical record to Easter?

How can Easter Katongo have access to HH’s medical records for her to say he is in good health when HH’s family does not know? Is she telling us that the private doctor for HH went to report to the police instead of updating the family?

Esther Katongo belongs to the police force that poisoned HH, urinated and defecated on his bed so she does not have the best interest of HH. Even when he is in comma, she can say he is sleeping. She is part of the enemy and can not speak on behalf of HH. let his family and doctors speak on HH’s health not the people detaining him.

Disgusted citizen


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