HH summon to Ndola police cost tax payers K5 million

HH summon to Ndola police cost tax payers K5 million

*Costing the PF foolishness and obsession to incarcerate HH -Five Million Kwacha*

So, the Police Force mobilized 2000 policemen to reinforce their presence in Ndola. The officers arrived a day before HH’s interrogation and left a day after.Each of them will get a per diem of K800. Total for 3 days is 800 X 3 X 2000 =K4 800 000

There will be 50 extra police vehicles whose petrol tanks will be filled to capacity. An average police van has 80 litre capacity. Total fuel cost 50 x 80 x 16,5= K66 000. Tear gas K10 000

Grand PF foolishness Total = K4 800 000 + K66 000 + K10 000 = K4 876 000. Add to this the disruption to business in Ndola, legal and other costs.

Put this in perspective. The grant to Ndola Central Hospital is K1,000,000 a month when available. This operation could therefore run Ndola Central for 4 months. Now we all know HH could not have incited people who started rioting 3 days prior to his radio appearance. This PF foolishness is too costly. Tax payers money meant for the sick and students’ bursaries is being wasted by PF just for them to flex their muscle and show that they can arrest and humiliate HH.

Zambia must wake up from this deep sleep which is allowing this kind of mismanagement.

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