Updated: HH arrested, to appear in court at 14:00 hrs today

Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has been arrested in Lusaka on a charge of insulting President Michael Sata.

Hichilema who was summoned at the Police Headquarters Thursday morning has been arrested in connection with the statement he (HH) allegedely issued regarding the protection by President Sata of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba from attending interviews at Anti-Corruption Commission – ACC.

Hichilema was moved to Woodlands Police Station to formalize the arrests and charges. He has since been given police bond and is expected to appear in court this afternoon.

The Police has been persuing Hichilema since Tuesday when they attempted to arrest him from the courtroom where he was attending a court session. There was another attempt at his Kabulonga house on Wednesday.

Mr. Hichilema was briefly detained at Woodlands Police station before being granted a Kr500 bail and will appear at magistrate court this afternoon where he will take plea.



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    Mwape Musoma 5 years

    I never expected my president who is my model to be allowing the opposition leaders to be passing through what he passed through under the leadership of the late Mwanawasa.

    Please my president take a journey through your mind and have an audit of what you passed through
    Would you like your friends to pass through that?
    My president what you passed through made you popular and you are president today,so by puting your friends through that you are making them popular .the moment the masses starts sympathizing for them that will be the end us PF

    My president please be hesitant in taking advice from the people who want you down remember how this people fought you just few years ago these peaple called you names denounced you that you will never be president of this nation however today are peaple close to you cheating you,it’s painful .
    People like Sakeni,Masebo,Nalubamba(mpongwe)Nawakwi the list is endless .Remberr in mansa how Saken behaved before 2006 elections .

    Check there backs and have a look

    May the almighty God grant you the much needed wisdom and lead this nation successfully

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    Deformation of the president?!!!ndeipushakofye.

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    A bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush.