HH supporters won’t sit idle if police persecute him again – Mwaliteta

HH supporters won’t sit idle if police persecute him again – Mwaliteta


Friday, March 26, 2021


We are very much aware of the plans by the PF to arrest President Hakainde Hichilema over useless charges all in a bid to stop him from running for Presidency.

This level of desperation is frightening and a recipe for anarch in the nation.

PF should realise that President HH commands more than half of the country’s population and his supporters won’t sit idle and watch their leader being persecuted for no reason other than that of wanting to come and fix the broken economy.

We want to once again advise and warn the PF to just drop their evil plans of wanting to arrest President HH. Just stop it immediately!

We are watching your moves and we are preparing to protect and defend our leader just like you are also preparing to arrest him though we won’t allow it.

Instead of concentrating on HH, use that time, energy and resources to create jobs, to lowering the cost of food and making the business environment conducive.

Arresting President HH won’t lower the cost of food and we won’t even allow it to happen this time around. We are watching you!

*Obvious Mwaliteta*
*UPND Lusaka Province Chairman*

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    PF needs to understand Zambians are fed up with what PF has done to our country. Change of leadership is a “MUST”and is well overdue. PF Threatening to arrest HH is only going anger people. This time round if PF makes a silly move to arrest HH, we the people are going to rise up.PF your time is up. Enough is Enough.