HH, team meet Commonwealth peace delegation

HH, team meet Commonwealth peace delegation

UPND pressident Hakainde  Hichilema Friday afternoon met with the Commonwealth special envoy, Professor Ibrahim Gambari who is in the country as a mediator in the dialogue process.

The meeting took place after professor Gambari called on Mr Hichilema in Lusaka.

During the closed door meeting, the UPND President reaffirmed his commitment to the process of dialogue.

He also stated that he is ready for dialogue and that professor Ibrahim Gambari was welcome to Zambia.


Mr. Hichilema also used the opportunity to once again thank the church, civil society organizations and the Commonwealth for their efforts in fostering for dialogue, peace, stability and unity for national development.


And the Commonwealth special envoy, professor Ibrahim Gambari expressed happiness at the willingness by the UPND President, to begin the dialogue process.


Mr. Hichilema was accompanied to the meeting by party Vice President Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Secretary General, Mr. Stephen Katuka, Party National Chairperson, Ms. Mutale Nalumango and party Information Chairperson, Mr Charles Kakoma, party International Relations Chairperson, Mr Mulondwe Muzungu, and senior citizen Ambassador Joe Mwale.

Others who accompanied Mr. Hichilema included the current and former UPND members of Parliaments among them: Honourable Levy Ngoma, Honourable Douglas Syakalima, Honourable Ms. Rose Sakala, Honourable Gary Nkombo and Honourable Ms. Mary Chibwa.


Issued by:


Brian Mwiinga

Deputy Press Secretary to the UPND President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.

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