HH, team meet Commonwealth peace delegation

UPND pressident Hakainde  Hichilema Friday afternoon met with the Commonwealth special envoy, Professor Ibrahim Gambari who is in the country as a mediator in the dialogue process.

The meeting took place after professor Gambari called on Mr Hichilema in Lusaka.

During the closed door meeting, the UPND President reaffirmed his commitment to the process of dialogue.

He also stated that he is ready for dialogue and that professor Ibrahim Gambari was welcome to Zambia.


Mr. Hichilema also used the opportunity to once again thank the church, civil society organizations and the Commonwealth for their efforts in fostering for dialogue, peace, stability and unity for national development.


And the Commonwealth special envoy, professor Ibrahim Gambari expressed happiness at the willingness by the UPND President, to begin the dialogue process.


Mr. Hichilema was accompanied to the meeting by party Vice President Dr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Secretary General, Mr. Stephen Katuka, Party National Chairperson, Ms. Mutale Nalumango and party Information Chairperson, Mr Charles Kakoma, party International Relations Chairperson, Mr Mulondwe Muzungu, and senior citizen Ambassador Joe Mwale.

Others who accompanied Mr. Hichilema included the current and former UPND members of Parliaments among them: Honourable Levy Ngoma, Honourable Douglas Syakalima, Honourable Ms. Rose Sakala, Honourable Gary Nkombo and Honourable Ms. Mary Chibwa.


Issued by:


Brian Mwiinga

Deputy Press Secretary to the UPND President, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema.


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    the critical area of the discusion should be the public order act,the electoral commission should be indepedent and other sensetive areas,these are things which are suppose to be discused.

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    Faruk 5 months

    100% of my Bemba friends voted PF. 100% of my Tonga friends voted UPND. 60% of my friends from Northwestern voted UPND 80% of Western friends voted UPND 90% of Eastern friends voted PF and 50% of my Central friends voted PF. 95% of my friends from rural Copperbelt voted UPND. I have more friends from Eastern and Northern (about 99% they all believe that the elections were not rigged. 80% of my friends from Southern believe the elections were rigged. 70% of my friends from Northwestern think the elections were rigged. 65% of my friends from Western think the elections were rigged. 47% of friends from Central think the elections were rigged. My analysis was that most of my friends who voted for UPND were in denial.

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    The problems we facing in this country are due to non hearing of the PETITION so top on the dialogue agenda should be hearing the PETITION which the corrupt concourt judges abandoned without giving us zambians direction.

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    Charles Nawa 6 months

    we tired of Pf goverance, if allowed to rule up to 2021 the our economy will be left paralysed.No medicine in our hospitals high death rate,poverty levels high & unemployment.

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    Musonda 6 months

    As they say if it ain’t broken don’t fix it. Zambia is broken and it needs to be fixed.To fix it u need to know how broken Zambia is.The root problem of Zambia’s political crisis is the 2016 Disputed and Petitioned Election. This crisis has arisen due to leadership failure.To be precise the problem is ECL.He ascended to the PF Presidency thru violence and rigging which he imported into the PF Govt.The Man has a criminal record and has no respect for Constitutional Democracy ,Rule of Law,Good Governance and Human Rights.ECL has abused the Police,the Courts, Parliament and Prisons to persecute his opponents. To stop all these irregularities and illegalities the Petition has to be heard.We can’t just forget about 2016 and hope 2021 will be better.Lets correct what went wrong in 2016.The Petition Hearing process will inform us of what happened and who won the 2016 Election and the irregularities and illegalities committed by ECZ,Concourt,ECL and his PF govt.If we can’t correct mistakes made in 2016 then 2021 Elections are as good as rigged.Let us emulate what has happened in Kenya and hear the Petition.Only then will Zambia move forward.

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    A K u maybe right dat we HH n UPND should concentrate on 2021 bt my friend if 2016 elections were not free n fair de same thing wil happen again in 2021 n i tell u things wont b de same.i c trouble so 2 avoid problems let them first sort out things like{public order act}hw police. ECZ.Courts.political partys should work before duling n after elections results hv bn announced by electrol body,if yo house has bn broken into n yo proparty has bn stolen u dont replace stolen proparty b4 u scure de house coz if u do den the sayed proparty wil b easely stolen again.Zambia forward

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    kiki 6 months

    Let the envoy touch on issues early election, independent judiciary, non partisan speaker of Parliament,injustice in general by the PF regime, independent chief justice – maybe the envoy should. Also have a word with the the Zambian speaker, the inspector of Police, the chief justice and the election chairman. These talks will not yield any positive results if these mentioned are not talked to.

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    A K 6 months

    HH let,s concentrate on 2021.de magine will be so big dat lungu will fail 2 rig.

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      Musa 6 months

      @AK u are underestimating Lungu.ECL perfected the art of rigging Elections. To become PF President ECL rigged his way and in 2015 &16 he rigged to become President.In 2015 when Lungu rigged the By-Election HH did not Petition the Election Result. This was probably a mistake by HH and UPND. In 2016 HH won the Election but Lungu rigged and stole that Election and he illegally remains in Power. As long as Lungu controls State Power and Institutions he will always rig the Elections abusing the Police,the Army ,ECZ ,Courts and the Govt machinery.Lets hear the 2016 Petition and correct the irregularities and illegalities committed in 2016 so that 2021 Elections will be clean.Kenya has shown us how it is done. Let hear the 2016 Election now.Mulandu tauboli!!

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      AK, never go to bed without resolving issues with your wife.you cant start talking about 2021 election whilst the 2016 one is unresolved. if you want it that way, i can assure you that the same challenges you faced in 2016 will be the continuous and amplified challenges you will still face in 2021.

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    Njangwamuloty 6 months

    This would be like when Julius Nyerere hosted a meeting between the Biafran antagonists Gens Ojukwu and Godwin. Gowon was a thick moslem deadhead outsmarted by the intellectual Ojukwu. A week later, the Mwalimu, KK and Houphuet recognized Biafra. Now, Lungu is a full cycle I.diot, a hopeless fake leader of an illegitimate government. I mean, imagine the clarity with which Mwanawasa presided over affairs of state and compare it with these masalamusi in Plot 1! You bet Lungu is bringing Kaizer Zulu, Dora Silitya, Mumbi Phiri and Lusambo to the negotiations. And it’ll be all down hill from their.

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    BRABUS.. 6 months

    Good start by HH and UPND. Focused, mature and no melodrama. In short, this is exemplary.

    Now, lets wait and see how ECL and PF/MMD starts.

    Already, the internal wrangles about Mr. Mutati are NOT exemplary. They are a clear sign of lack of confidence in ECL who appointed Mr. Mutati as Finance Minister without pre-conditions in the first place. This is melodrama already.

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    Chelsey 6 months

    Viva HH! Viva Zambia! God is with you sir.