HH tells ACC to speed corruption investigations reported by Guy Scott, tells Sata not to interfere

Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has requested the Director General of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) whether they were indeed in receipt of corruption allegations report from vice-president Dr. Guy Scott against his fellow cabinet colleagues.

In a letter to the ACC Director General, Mr. Hichilema noted that in the last few weeks and months, the Republican vice-president, Guy Scott and the Minister of Justice and Secretary General for the PF Mr. Wynter Kabimba have placed themselves on record in the media saying there are corrupt elements in the ruling party.

“At the outset of the PF administration, president Michael Sata declared that his administration would be allegic to corruption. This declaration in our view was meant to re-energise the fight against corruption. It is against this background that we write to inquire on measures your office is taking to follow up these corruption allegations especially that media reports indicate that Scott has reported cabinet colleagues to your office,” ready Mr. Hichilema’s letter in part.

The Daily Nationa of Sunday October 19, 2013 quotes the vice-president as saying he handed over to the Police a dossier on some of the PF members that were corrupt.

Mr. Hichilema in his letter also requested the ACC to update the nation as to the progress being made on the matter that was reported by the vice-president Guy Scott.

“We hope and trust that the remarks by president Sata last year, that his Ministers are not to be investigated without his knowledge and approval are not acting as a hindrance in this matter as the president’s remarks were misplaced as they lacked legal basis,” Mr. Hichilema said.

And in a letter to president Sata, Mr. Hichilema advised him never to interfere with the ACC over the corruption allegations that have been reported by the vice-president to law enforcement officers.

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