HH tells PF to put cholera preventive measures now

HH tells PF to put cholera preventive measures now

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Good morning friends

In a country where it is increasingly clear there is no serious leadership and where now every calamity is being blamed on the UPND leadership, we feel duty bound to be giving guidance on various issues affecting the nation.

We feel these are the issues that should be occupying any functioning government as opposed to expressing the desire to continue beyond 2021 at the expense of delivering services to the public.

In view of the above, we want to urge the various government agencies such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Local Government through local authorities, DMMU, various health centres in the country and our cooperating partners, to proactively put in place cholera prevention measures around the country.

We all know that with the current heavy downpour, poor water and sanitation services coupled with poor drainage system and filthy, chances of outbreak of water borne diseases such as cholera, dysentery and others is high.

All these institutions must not wait until there are deaths in the country and then start panicking as is the case in the fight against army worms.

For now, we also call on the relevant government information wings to immediately start disseminating Cholera alert messages as a way of preventing the outbreak and save lives.

We also advice that all the relevant institutions mentioned must immediately start identifying possible cholera treatment centres throughout the country in case of an outbreak.

We thank you all and God bless you.

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