HH tells Sata how he was elected UPND leaders, now waits for answers on illegality of Chief Justice

HH tells Sata how he was elected UPND leaders, now waits for answers on illegality of Chief Justice

2009: Sata congratulating HH at UPND mini convention

2009: Sata congratulating HH at UPND mini convention

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema has explained to President Michael Sata’s how he was elected UPND president in 2006 and 2009. And Hichilema has shot back at Sata asking him who elected him PF president.

And Hichilema has told Sata that now that he has explained how he was elected, Sata should explain why he is keeping an over age, and retired niece who has been rejected by parliament as Chief Justice.

Hichilema had a few weeks ago written to Sata demanding answers on why he was keeping Lombe Chiebesakunda as chief justice illegally despite being rejected by ordinary people, parliament, LAZ etc…

In his usual comic ‘response’, Sata asked Hichilema  who elected him as President of UPND.

But Hichilema wrote to Sata  explaining to him that he was  elected on July 14, 2006 at the party’s second General Assembly which had about 777 delegates from the Ward, Constituency and National officials including Members of Parliament.

“The office you hold is a public office and should therefore be accessible to all citizens regardless of whether those citizens were elected or not.

“Following the “logic” of your letter, suggests [ing] that you will never respond to journalists because they have never been elected at section, branch, ward, constituency, district, province or national level, we now understand why you have subjected the nation to the “silent treatment” for 22 months by avoiding to hold press conferences.

“For your record, I put it to you that I was elected president of the United Party for National Development on 14th July 2006 at our second general assembly that comprised of 777 delegates from branch, ward, constituency, district, province, national level and Members of Parliament. At this assembly held at Mulungushi Conference Centre, I obtained 512 votes which represented 65% of the total votes cast,” he stated.

“Further the United Party for National Development 2009 extra ordinary assembly extended the mandate of the National Management Committee members to allow for the electoral calendar adjustment.

“From the resolution of the extra ordinary assembly, the United Party for National Development general assembly now holds mid-term of the Zambia Electoral Cycle, and not in the election year,” he explained hoping Sata, who according to second Republican president Frederick Chiluba can’t write coherently due to his poor education background, has the capacity to understand what may sound a complex UPND system.

“We note with contrast that you were “elected” as Patriotic Front president at Mulungushi Rock of Authority in Kabwe in a strange way,” he said of Sata who formed the PF in 2001 but only went to the convention once in 2011.

“No single ballot was cast, yet you and your entire central committee were “elected!”. Strange form of democracy indeed!

“It is my earnest prayer that you will not import this type of “democracy” from your party to the nation,” he stated.

He added that this could be the reason he has failed to address the nation in the 22 months he has been in State House.

Hichilema demanded proper response on the appointment of the Acting Chief Justice now that Sata’s condition has been met even if it was irrelevant.

Hichilema asked the President Sata to provide non comical responses to the issues raised in his last letter

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