HH tells insecure Sata off

HH tells Sata off on his fear of being abducted by UPND

The statement attributed to president Michael Sata that UPND were planning to hijack him in Livingstone has no basis and is just another attempt to justify his failure to attend to national duties as the Republican president.

Instead of competently attending to national duties such as the one he went to officiate, lower the cost of living for the Zambians, addressing the depreciating currency, Mr. Sata is now resorting to alarming statements dragging the UPND as a justification for his failures.

We all know that Mr. Sata, as the Head of State, is the most protected person in this country who cannot be hindered from any part of the country.

In fact, it is a well know fact that it is actually the UPND and many other innocent citizens who have repeatedly been brutalised by Mr. Sata and PF thuggery across the country.

As UPND and other citizens, we have been attacked in churches, attacked in Eastern province, almost assassinated in Ndola, and for him to issue such wild-outbursts is another futile attempt to divert the nation from serious national issues such as constitution making process, high mealie meal prices, and serious matters in the nation.

It is actually the ordinary citizens from UPND, churches, civil society organisations, that are currently crying-out for protection from Mr. Sata and his PF thugs who have so far remained mute despite these abuses.

We know Mr. Sata is just a joker, but such jokes are now out of order and a serious threat to national security.

In fact, such statements from the Head of State justifies what we have always been saying that the PF wants to create an environment to for effecting a state of emergency.

I am therefore appealing to all well meaning citizens to dismiss this careless outburst from our Head of State with the contempt it deserves.

Hakainde Hichilema UPND president

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