HH tells Sata to stop threatening chiefs

UPND leader Hakainde Hichile has observed that president Michael Sata’s PF regime is worse than the MMD it replaced.

Hichilema has also told Sata to desist from intimidating traditional leaders and citizens who do not support him.

‘It’s now over 128 days since the PF took over the affairs of running government and it is becoming evident everyday that the wishes of the masses that voted for change at the last General elections are being betrayed.

‘The change that was voted for is slowly beginning to resemble the old regime that was voted out. Nothing has changed as the style of governance of the Michael Chilufya Sata led government is worse than the MMD government they have replaced.

In the previous regime, Zambians were unhappy with the use of Presidential powers to intimidate people and traditional rulers. A case in point is when the previous regime threatened to revoke the recognition of chieftainess  Nkomenshya,’ Hichiela said in a statement.

He said President Michael Chilufya Sata  has continued on this wrong path and he is even getting worse.

‘President Sata is on record of mocking the Litunga,King of our Lozi people , not long ago. A few days ago, President Sata threatened to revoke the recognition of the Eastern province Chiefs, Chief Madzimawe and Senior  Chief Nzamane for merely expressing a view different from that of the President and another Chief,’ he explained.

‘As UPND, we demand that President Michael Chilufya Sata desists in his manourvers to intimdate and threaten chiefs. Our people and chiefs should be allowed to operate without the overbearing hand of the  President and his dictatorial tendencies.’

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