HH thanks USA for aid to Zambia

HH thanks USA for aid to Zambia

*Hakainde Hichilema Writes*

Aside from promoting investment opportunities available in our country, we thanked the American taxpayers for their engagement through successive governments on HIV/AIDS through its PEPFAR program that has benefitted and continues to save lives of many Zambians.

We also acknowledged the Millennium Challenge Compact in Zambia through which the U.S. government invested in water supply, sanitation and drainage infrastructure to decrease water-related diseases and flood losses.

On the security front we noted with gratitude the role that the State Department and Department of Defense have played in training Zambia Defence Forces through the Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI) and the Africa Contingency Operations Training Assistance (ACOTA) program.

This engagement has been central to Zambia Defence Forces deployment for United Nations Peacekeeping missions.

As of August 31, 2019, Zambia was the 22nd leading contributor in the world to UN peacekeeping missions with 1,025 personal.

When asked if we would support sanctions through withholding this help, we noted that this support to the Zambian people remains critical and should continue. Withholding such assistance would only harm poor Zambians.

It was humbling meeting with some of the previous American Ambassadors to Zambia.


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