HH tips to start conducting himself like a Republican president

HH tips to start conducting himself like a Republican president

President Hakainde Hichilema Must Behave as State President -Dr. Anthony Mumba


Kantanshi Patriotic Front, Member of Parliament, Dr. Anthony Mumba has called on President Hakainde Hichilema to conduct himself as a Republican President.

Speaking on Radio Phoenix “Let the People Talk”, Dr. Mumba urged the President to speak from the prepared script or from structured thoughts than frequently giving off-the-cuff remarks.

He gave an example where President Hichilema made public pronouncements on BBC media about a new Central Bank Governor when he had not formally replaced the current Governor, Mr. Christopher Mvunga.

He also wondered what the motivation by President Hichilema was to repeatedly claim that the Treasury was empty when it was not.

He said the government of President Edgar Lungu left $3billion as foreign reserves.

He said Zambians know about the Foreign Debt of $12.9billion and expected the government to renegotiate and restructure the debt.

He also wondered why the President was wearing white gloves which he said are publicly associated with the Freemasons, a world-wide dubious fraternal association.

And Dr. Mumba regretted that the UPND had failed to cooperate over the election of the Speaker and the two deputies, a matter he said disadvantaged the Opposition.

He said the UPND, using the.artogance of numbers, had imposed its own candidates to the exclusion of PF’s proposals.

Parliament on Friday elected Lusaka Lawyer, Nelly Muti, and former Gwembe MP, Ms. Attractor Malungo Chisangano and Luangeni Independent Candidate, Mr. Moses Frank Moyo.

He called on the PF members to reorganise the party and elect a leadership that will rebrand and reclaim power in 2026.

He said the UPND demonstrated discipline when in Opposition and the PF should emelate that.

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