HH to appear before police today

HH to appear before police today

Today is to and for the glory of God.

As President Hakainde Hichilema of the UPND prepares to appear before the Zambia Police at Force HQ for questioning, he would like to thank all the Zambian people, irrespective of their political creed, for their unconditional support in the face of such unprecedented, unrelenting brutality by and under the watch of Patriotic Front (PF) regime which should be protecting us.

We are also grateful for the sympathies and solidarity of our friends in the diplomatic community, in appreciating that democracy is anchored on divergence rather than suppression or subversion.

And with the current propensity for the PF to abuse and manipulate our sacred tools and institutions of democracy to systematically silence all dissenting voices, we have no other conclusion to draw, other than that Zambia has officially descended into a dictatorship.

We are firmly aware, that the underlying intention of the ongoing scheme by the regime is to arrest and detain Mr. Hichilema, and have unimpeded access to him for purposes of incapacitating him, including to harm him.

Since the month of October 2020, there has been an active plot, where members of the Zambia Police have been put under strict instructions by the PF regime to intensify their harassment, arresting, provocation and incarceration of senior members of the UPND, including all critical voices, both within and outside of the UPND political establishment.

Thus, the current political unholy war is not only aimed at Mr. Hichilema.

The aim is to eventually target, silence and even eliminate all critical voices of dissent ahead of the 2021 polls.

Yet in all this, President Hakainde Hichilema remains steadfast and stands ready to pay the ultimate price, for God and country, because this too is God’s work.

We urge Zambians to remains vigilant and prayerful as we edge closer to the summit of our collective struggle to redeem our country.

Anthony Bwalya
UPND Presidential Spokesperson
December 23, 2020.

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