HH to be arrested any time

HH to be arrested any time

-Kapyongo has confirmed in Parliament

– HH supporters advised to start moving to protect their leader-
– Hired PF cadres report HH at Woodlands

– Amos Chanda in charge of the operation

– Government journalists from ZNBC, Times, HOT fm, Daily nation were mobilised and taken to Woodlands police early

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo has confirmed that the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema will be arrested for inciting riots on the Copperbelt.

In a ministerial statement in Parliament this morning, Kampyongo said investigations had advanced and the person who incited the riots that happened on the Copperbelt will be arrested and prosecuted.

There has been plans by PF to have him arrested for Mr. Hichilema to be arrested before 2021 elections so that they can disqualify him from contesting.

State House sources have equally revealed that Mr. Hichilema will be arrested as soon as even today.

This morning, PF cadres led by Chanoda Ngwira reported Mr. Hichilema to the Woodlands Police station just like it was with the fake treason case.

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    ndola for HH 3 days ago

    Only a beneficiary can support this PaFiko govt so ni chi carda chimbuli leave HH alone or else wafita fyonse ifyashala pwilikisha

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    Linda owens 4 days ago

    Who is this Desperate dog called njimbu, you are as confused a dog suffering from syphyllis. You think Zambians use HH ‘s eyes or brain to see their country being looted by the Chinese and do nothing. You son of the bitch that bore you better leave innocent people alone. HH is the only dignified politician in Zambia. He helps the poor,  so go to hell and continue kissing ass of the those destroying the country’ mother fucker.

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    Asiff 4 days ago

    SATA was the worst politician on earth insulting Levi but he was never treated the way pf treats HH.DICTATORS die but the earth remains forever.

  • comment-avatar
    Daniel 6 days ago

    This might be the beginning of the end for PF. I sense some danger.

  • comment-avatar
    sachipi joseph 6 days ago

    U guys in pf u seemd to be capable by useing grz organ to chastatis HH. remeber that whatever u do to ur friend and it will be done unto u, recall sadam hossan of what he did AND there ‘s no an thing bad which thes man has done accept that he ‘s reviewing the erroes that ur Govy are doing. and people of zambia know and understand but avoid thes man he’s innosent u are not god the world is watch u !!!!

  • comment-avatar

    And you think we will sit down and watch, its high time we burnt this country down. Enough is enough, try us baficolor!

  • comment-avatar

    You chi ngimbu, can you explain how and why a Chinese mining firm in kalulusji can pay $270,000 for houses occupied by zaffico employees. This chinese mining firm has not accommodated any of its workers. Wake up you PF cadre! The truth is that below those forests lies rich copper and other mineral deposits. Watch the space, when the so called listing of Zaffico on LUSE, the chinese are going to get the majority on zaffico
    You can blame HH for your own political existence but truth be told,the people of zambia are fed up of your corruption and stealing through chinese contracts.Yes you can celebrate the arrest of HH but the writing is on the wall, it is time you packed your bags and left the leadership of this country to true patriots

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    why not concentrate on work instead? i sense danger

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    Well done ZP if this is true!!We cannot allow one desperate politician to set our country on fire.We dont owe HH the presidency!!!As a leader,HH must be telling the truth always.Last year he spent almost a year in jail due to his nonsense in mongu.one would have expected HH to learn a big lesson from the mongu saga,alas HH learnt nothing!!!Kainde will just suffer alone in jail and for nothing like last time out.Whoever will dare the police from upnd camp,maybe arrested too because Boma ni Boma!!!HH should be conducting mature politics like Mr Sata used to do unlike peddling lies against Chinese and selling of Govnt firms!!!HONEST HOW CAN A NORMAL PERSON GO ON RADIO AND STATE THAT GOVNT HAS SOLD ZAFFICO TO A CHINESE WHEN IN FACT NOT?It is too much from HH as if not controlled(caged),this man’s desperation for power will set Zambia on fire-believe me!!All HH wants is what they call in bemba as “ukufilila munsenga”,i.e;if not me in state house,then nobody else should-this is how HH thinks!!

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    Zambia on fire soon 6 days ago

    Genocide begins like a joke

  • comment-avatar
    PF misrule 6 days ago

    you guys are unfair and dull u store HH votes you have continued to steal our public resources up to today there has never been any dialogue and today you make the biggest mistake of them all by arresting HH again a decision you will like to regret