HH to hold press conference

HH to hold press conference


President Hakainde Hichilema will tomorrow, Thursday, hold a press conference at the State House

Fellow citizens,

We will tomorrow, Thursday, 30th September, 2021 hold a press conference at State House at 14:00 hours

May God Bless you all.

Hakainde Hichilema
President of the Republic of Zambia

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    Bwalya 2 weeks ago

    The question is why would the President of ZIPS/CIPS and his entire executive want to represent CIPS, a Professional Body, on a parastatal board? Does ZICA also lobby for members of its executive for representation on the Boards? If they do, this does not make sense as their members account for the organizational resources and their role is restricted to receiving audited accounts and resolving arising conflict and disputes, which role they would not play well if their executive members were involved in line decision making as ZICA through parastatal boards representation. There is need for transparency international to give a clear position on this matter to avoid serious problems in future. ZICA and ZIPS are regulators and policemen and their participation in boards of directors take away their professional independence and opinions. 

    This said, all board of directors who served in the previous PF administration must with immediate effect lose their jobs Most of them with full conflict of interest, participated in the Boards instead of being policemen as their members run the show within where they sit on the boards. Their other members are bidders. There is no justifiable reason why the  President of ZIPS should sit on the ZESCO Board. In the UK it does not happen this way due to perceived and real conflict of interest. It is the same for all other professions.  THIS HAS TO COME TO AN END UNDER THE UPND. LET PEOPLE STRICTLY STICK TO THEIR PRIMARY ROLES. If they preside over a matter at the Board which back fires, how will they take such a matter up as a profession? That the President participated in a board meeting? It will be a scandal of the century! UPND must help them get out of all BOARDS and let them stick to their original mandate.

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    Samlindo 2 weeks ago

    Mr president, their is no time to have that good Guy attitude towards the looters of national resources, today September is over, and we are going into October, then this year is over, we will be in 2022, what I am trying to illustrate is that time is cruising, soon and very soon before you realize it we will be in 2026 and you will be asked to account for our stolen money by PF and the turn around of the Economy, not to mention Jobs and all those OTHER promises. SO SIR TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE, START TO ENGAGE INTO HIGH SPEED GEARS AND WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST AND THANKS AGAIN FOR THE BREEZE OF INDEPENDENCE ONCE MORE WHICH HAS BEEN RESTORED.

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 2 weeks ago

    Don’t be lethargic and slow. The PF cadres in the whole govt system are out to frustrate your agenda. The police, the judiciary and the whole civil service is full of PF cadres who were appointed on tribal or political basis. There should be wholesale sackings to start a New Dawn.

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    Appoint Boards of Directors 2 weeks ago

    When Govt changes Hands, it’s an opportune time to empower those who were members in the opposition now in the Governing party. Boards of Director positions must be advertised & chiefly reserved for qualified members otherwise PF will think the better empowered their Cadres than what our party has done. We await leadership decisions