HH to ignore chiefs’ ultimatum

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has reported said two traditional leaders in the Southern province will not force or pressure him and the party to support the MMD in the forthcoming elections.
According to highly placed sources within the UPND rank, Hichilema has defied the so called ultimatum and will go ahead with the planned public rally in Choma on Friday this week.
The source revealed that Hichilema is not shaken but only laughed when he heard the declaration and has called it a dream of fools in paradise.
The source told the Watchdog that Hichilema is very disappointed by some traditional leaders such as Mazabuka’s Chief Mwanachingwala and Livingstone’s Chief Mukuni who he has kept on referring to as ‘CharlesMalambo muntu unyina mano’ (person without brains) and Chief Mukuni as a seller-out for thinking that they can drag people like animals to believe the fake declaration.
The source revealed that the UPND leader will not bow down to any form of pressure and intimidation which is coming from the two chiefs.
“The president actually is not happy with Chiefs Mwanachingwala and Mukuni because some chiefs from Southern province have informed him that they are not part of the declaration and this has made it
difficult to even go ahead and meet him to discuss the possible back-off from the presidential race,” the source said.
The source said Hichilema will while in the province visit some chiefs who have requested to meet him.
“Some of the chiefs he will meet are Maacha, Sipatunyana, Siachitema, Chikanta, Hamaundu, Singani, Moonze, Chona and Hamusonde. The president also plans to spend a weekend in Sinazongwe where he will behaving meetings with senior party officials,” said the source.

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