UPND to march to embassies to show solidarity

UPND to march to embassies to show solidarity

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 09.18.17The UPND has notified the police that it will be holding peaceful marches to 15 embassies to show solidarity for honouring party president Hakainde Hichilema’s invitation for a luncheon.

A few weeks ago, diplomats representing 15 embassies turned up at the opposition leader’s house and had a working luncheon with him.

Political experts have since interpreted the meeting as a silent endorsement of HH as the rightful person to take over as Zambia’s president this year.

Zambia depends on donor funding for most of the national budget and donors therefore have a stake in Zambia as they need to know if their money is used for its purposes.

But the visit angered the ruling party PF which organised a march to the Chinese embassy to express anger at the diplomats for visiting HH.  But the Chinese embassy just ignored the PF protesters.

The 15 diplomats included Turkish Ambassador Ahmet Ardar, Eric Schultz of US, Bernd Finke of Germany, Timo olkkonen of Finland, Kiyoshi Koinuma of Japan, South Africa’s Sikose Ntombazana Mji, Italy’s Filipo Seammaca and European Union head of delegation Alessandro Mariani. 

Since the EU was represented, it means that all the 28 countries make up the EU were represented.

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