HH to sue Tayali, Bailiffs move on Nawakwi

HH to sue Tayali, Bailiffs move on Nawakwi

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema (HH) has instructed his lawyers to sue Chilufya Tayali for defamation, the Watchdog is 100 per cent aware. The lawyers are excited. Over the weekend, Tayali called HH a criminal  who should be in prison.

Meanwhile, the Watchdog understands that bailiffs are about to pounce on former Finance minister Edith Nawakwi to enforce a court judgement. Nawakwi is set to lose everything including his Legana sausages, her houses, money in her bank accounts and anything she owns and will probably be declared bankrupt.


Following a  High court order, Nawakwi owes  HH K5 Billion plus court costs estimated to be around K2 million. A few months ago, Nawakwi went on various radio and TV stations to announce that HH is a thief and corrupt person. Nawakwi claimed that HH stole a house in Kabulonga and he stole from government during the MMD regime privatisation programme. HH requested Nawakwi to withdraw the statement and apologise. Nawakwi retorted: ‘I do not to apologise to criminals.’  HH sued. Nawakwi was banking on the PF to provide evidence for her in court and probably bribe the judge for her. The PF stopped picking her phone calls when the matter got hot in court. At one point she told the court that she did not understand what the court papers were saying. Eventually,  Nawakwi failed to prove any of her allegation in court; she did not even file and defence hence the court ordered her to pay K5 Billion in damages. It is this money that bailiffs want to recover from Nawakwi.

Nawakwi owes other people including banks money that she pumped in to start legana sausages. The Watchdog understands that these banks and individuals are also making urgent moves to recover their money before bailiff’s strike. Looks like bankruptcy is certainly coming here.

Over the weekend, Chilufya Tayali told the world that Mr Hichilema is unfit to hold public office as he is a criminal who should be in prison. Tayali repeated the same allegations made by Nawakwi but added that HH is an identity thief, who forged his NRC. Tayali also said HH stole another house in Chelstone.

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