HH to win if voters turn out in large numbers

HH to win if voters turn out in large numbers

A source has disclosed that President Lungu has been briefed that UPND president Hakainde Hichilema will win convincingly if voters turn out in large numbers on 11 August.

The source says if turn out hits above 50% across the country, that would mean the system will fail to manipulate the numbers. This is what happened in 2011 when Michael Sata is believed to have won by more than what was officially declared. The system tried very had to change things but gave up at some point as the gap was too big.

The intelligence also believes its very easy for HH & UPND to encourage their supporters to turn-out as there is high energy & anticipation among their supporters. This can be seen by the huge numbers at the UPND rallies across the country. UPND has had big rallies even in PF strongholds such as Nakonde, Kaputa, Kasama, Chipata, Chingola, Kitwe, Chawama, Kanyama, etc.
The source said UPND should leverage these huge numbers at their rallies to ensure an outright victory. He said the system has noted that some of these rallies are unprecedented in their localities and sometimes nationwide. ‘It will be a tragedy if UPND fail to turn these numbers into an outright victory’, the source emphasized.
The source further stated that a huge turn-out would also be a deterrent to those planning to cause mischief at polling stations.

The PF has been sponsoring violence to discourage voters especially women from participating in politics. There is a scheme by Edgar Lungu and his followers to cause violence on the day of voting.

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