HH urged to ignore Tayali

It is clear from the recent attacks on HH and other events prior to this, that Chilufya Tayali can never speak any sense that can get into the ears of Zambians. Tayali is good at nothing but raping 23 year old defenceless girls who are possibly young enough to be his daughters.

Two years ago when the sex pest was runing the Zambian Voice, he was facing rape charges in the Lusaka megistrate court for more information, the public can google “Tayali Faces Rape Charges” and all newspapers will come. Now, is this a person who wants to mislead Zambians? One whose moral standing is disputed by the general public and law courts? what can he tell Zambians? He can not manage to rape our understanding of issues as Zambians the way he has been raping defenseless girls, we all know that the country is now a mess due to failure of leadership. President HH, i urge u to ignore this attention seeker, Zambians can not be fooled anymore.

Tayali is intellectually challenged, he, has no direction whatsoever, he was heading the Zambian voice and critisized PF, after being bought, he joined the confused team, instead of using the money wisely, the pest bought umutototo (sex concoctions) and left the team to form his (Early Ejaculation Party) EEP to satisfy his sexual hunger, and obviously after raping more who are yet to report and finishing Umutototo, he has gone back to the same confused team to source for more money to get same. Tayali, please apologies to the mases about the girls you have been raping and people will listen to you. What do you know about Freemasonry? Are you one yourself? Do you think by exposing your ignorance people will turn their backs against HH?

Don’t rape our minds with nonsense. Bring the devil or master mason to testify that what you are alleging against HH is true because Freemasonry is a devils club and his master mason from a little research i have conducted otherwise, all your allegations are mere political rhetorics and hate speeches aimed at nothing but to destroy the love that Zambians have for one another. Atleast, evidence against your sexual immorality is readily available. So sober and grow up ba Tayali.


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