HH urges civil servants to join real change

HH urges civil servants to join real change

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has asked all civil servants in the country to join in the campaign for real change. Drumming up support for the UPND candidates in the forthcoming general elections, Hichilema told a huge crowd in Monze Saturday  that 13 million Zambians are living in abject poverty which needs urgent attention. Hichilema said the kind of poverty Zambians were experiencing under the MMD government was as a result of insincere leadership voted into office.

“13 million people are living in abject poverty, this is because of people, they don’t know who to vote for, they don’t pay attention and their conscious when it comes to leadership selection, this year I have offered myself to you people for real change that will bring meaningful development and leadership to Zambia,” said Hichilema. He said teachers, Police officers, nurses and other civil servants should join in the real change campaign if they want to live decent lives.

“My government if voted into office we shall pay nurses, teachers, police officers and other civil servants at least 5 million Kwacha per month, we want our civil service to be decent, we shall also fight corruption by putting in place a board that will manage to address the issue of corruption in a transparent and accountable manner,” he said. Hichilema also assured youths of benefiting from his policies if he formed government.

“For youths, we have seen that they are unemployed, the UPND policies are to empower young people to be independent in order to help economically develop the nation. For this we shall give soft loans to our young people, contracts, we shall also do the same with marketers, what my government want to do is to empower all the people,” he said.

Hichilema also promised the people of Monze to reintroduce the wind fall tax on copper mines for the country to benefit from its natural resources. “we shall reintroduce the windfall tax and shall be able to raise and save about 800 million Dollars annually which will go towards health, education and other social services, we shall also trim cabinet from the current 70 to about 30 and save about 1.2 trillion Kwacha, my government shall also work towards reforming the Farmer Input Support Programme to make it more reliable and active, we shall also provide a viable and reliable marketing system,” said Hichilema.

On the pensioners and retirees, the opposition leader said if voted into office he will ensure that within a year in government he pays out all retirees and pensioners on time. He also said people with disabilities or physical challenged will also play a major role in the governance system of the country. He asked President Rupiah Banda’s logic of building more schools, hospitals but without providing teachers and health personnel.

“What kind of development is this that Rupiah Banda is talking about, he builds schools but he doesn’t give you teachers, he builds hospitals but there are no medicine, Doctors and other health workers, if voted into office we want to change the kind of leadership and the way of doing things,” he said.

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