HH urges peace as PF attack Ndola offices

Following the reckless statement by President Edgar Lungu in Kasama this week that the UPND plans to cause choas and violence ahead of the 2016 elections, PF thugs today violently attacked our Ndola Secretariat.

This is exactly what Lungu wanted by issuing that reckless statement which was basically a declaration of war, hate and incitement of people against our party.

We have always said as UPND that it is important for us in leadership to preach peace and unity and refrain from issuing unguarded and reckless statements that have the potential to incite civil unrest.

Lungu’s statements, and the hateful language from a number of PF leaders also contribute and reinforce the economic uncertainties and erode investor confidence.

Today’s savage attack on our Ndola Secretariat is a well calculated move by PF thugs, especially ahead of Lungu going for campaigns on the Copperbelt from tomorrow until after Christmas, while we are denied permits and permission on baseless grounds.

And we hope government resources will be well utilised on this trip in terms of addressing critical issues affecting our people on the Copperbelt and the country at large.

We know emotions are running high among our supporters with temptation to arm and defend themselves, especially as the police are not protecting our members, their families and their properties around the country.

But we urge them to remember that this is exactly what Lungu and his thugs in the PF want us to do so they can later unleash the biased government media propaganda machine against us, accusing us of being a violent party when we have been preaching peace and unity throughout.

Let’s exercise maximum restraint despite these vicious physical attacks against our members countrywide.

The Zambian people are not docile and they are well aware of who the perpetrators of violence are around the country.

Our people will be the best judges of who is capable of addressing the real issues affecting the masses.

Our fight will be against poverty and hunger inflicted by the poor PF leadership and this will be won through the ballot box next year.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President

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