HH urges PF govt to rescind maize export decision

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has urged the government to rescind its decision to lift the maize and meali meal export ban in view of the current dry spell that has affected some parts of the country.
Meanwhile investigations by the Zambian Watchdog have revealed that the lifting of the maize export ban was done to allow some companies to export maize in exchange for funding to the PF.
Hichilema noted that most maize fields have dried up a sign that poverty levels will escalate to unprecedented levels in the country adding that he had stated long before the rain season that mechanisms to support life needed to be put in place.
‘In view of this, it is only logical for the PF leadership to rescind their decision of exporting maize and meali meal until such a time when we will be certain that our people have and will have enough food to even export the surplus,’ Hichilema said.
Mr Hichilema stressed that the country was facing unprecedented social, economic and political problems adding that having a credible leadership was one of the permanent solutions to these challenges.
The government recently announced the lifting of the maize and meali meal export ban but investigations have indicated that the ban was lifted to allow Export Trading Group (ETG) to export maize in exchange for funding to the PF for the 2021 presidential campaigns.

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    Here in Zambezi today the bag of maize is being sold @ k180.00 by next week it will be @ k200.00. And for this season the maize have’nt done well because of breaking of rains at the time when the maize was tasking. So they is going to be a very big problem this year and next up to April. Because the maize has’nt done well.

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    Big joe 2 weeks ago

     Including your self all you say is always nonsense

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    Muntu Bulyo 3 weeks ago

    Things in Zambia are now upside down. Those that are supported by technocrats working for the public service are doing and saying nonsense and only look at what can give them political advantage. Those that work alone like Mr. Hichilema are the ones talking sense.