HH urges PF to focus on “90 days” promise not violence

United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has urged the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) to assert the rule of law so as to restore order and stability in the country during the period of its celebration.

Speaking in a statement released to the watchdog, Hichilema said it is sad to note that some PF cadres have opened a war path of political retribution and vengeance, taking the law into their own hands to unleash brutal and ugly scenes of violence on citizens whom they consider as enemies.

He said the destruction of property and violent attacks by PF members is unacceptable and the ruling should make its position profoundly clear and known on this matter.

Hichilema noted that the PF must use its constitution mandate and obligation to guarantee the enjoyment of constitutionally entrenched human rights by citizens.

The UPND leader urged the new regime to focus on deliver its 90 days promises as they are anxiously being awaited for by the voters.

He challenged PF to prioritize policy implementation as the time for political promises is over, adding that the ruling party’s 90days expires on December 23 and Zambians will appreciate all fulfilled promises as a Christmas gift.

Hichilema urged President Michael Sata and his team to ensure they deliver all election campaign promises such giving citizens a constitution within 90 days, free education, jobs for youths, and restoration of the Barotse agreement.

Commenting on the future of his party, the UPND President said his party is now Zambia’s number one dominant, powerful and most reliable opposition force to offer checks and balances, and also logical advice on various challenges the country is faced with.

He disclosed that UPND believes that the people of Zambia are looking to it as the next government so the party’s responsibility is getting even bigger.

Hichilema also congratulated Members of Parliament and Councilors from UPND who emerged victorious in the polls and urged them to represent the voters with humility, honesty, and loyalty as they carry out national duties.

He further advised supporters to remain strong as their victory is next, adding that UPND doors should be open for more membership as it will allow for hard work to realize the dream of a better Zambia.

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