HH urges Sata to stop hiding in State House, sad that Zambians will mark Xmas without food, power

It’s sad that most Zambians will have no food, fuel and power on Christmas day, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has said.

The world will celebrate Christmas next Tuesday.

The opposition leader is saddened that many Zambians will enter the new year 2013 on empty bellies due to lack of meallie meal in the country.

Commenting on the daily electricity power failure and cuts, the meallie shortages now in most parts of the country and fuel blues, Hichilema said that there is no hope for Zambia under the current leadership.

Hichilema has further called upon President Michael Sata to stop hiding in State House and tour the country to see for himself how the people are suffering under his leadership.

Hichilema said it is wrong for Sata to keep himself hidden in State House when there is no meallie meal and fuel in the country.

Hichilema explained that the position of Zambian president is like that of chief executive in a company and requires the president to be involved in day to day operations of the cabinet. But Hichilema said that Sata is behaving as if he is part time chairman of the country who is only required to chair meetings and appoint workers.

Hichilema said he is surprised that Sata has elected to remain silent when the country is experiencing food crisis and can’t event venture outside State House.

Hichilema said Sata will get a good idea of what is really going on if he toured even one compound In Lusaka to see how people are suffering.

Hichilema said that it will be wrong for Sata to issue Merry Christmas and Happy New Year statement from State House where there is plenty of food to Zambians who will have no food.

Hichilema said if Sata cares for Zambians, let him skip Christmas banquets to show solidarity with Zambians who will be hunting for meallie meal that day.

The opposition leader said it is morally wrong for elected leaders to be enjoying red wine and sumptuous feasts while the people who put them in power can’t even afford a decent meal on Christmas.

Hichilema however advised Zambians not to lose hope but use Christmas day to check on their family members and neighbours in line with brotherly love Zambians have always exhibited.

Hichilema appealed to Zambians who will have some food on Christmas day to remember their relatives in villages and neighbours and share with them.

The opposition leader who is personally expected to visit some under privileged communities or persons on Christmas day is heartbroken to note that elected leaders are failing to convert the abundant natural resources into end-user goods.

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