HH vows to return to Kasama, Royal establishment reps among those beaten

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has vowed to return to Kasama and meet the people of Northern Province and their newly crowned Paramount Chief Chitimukulu despite suffering violence from PF thugs sent by ailing dictator Mr. Michael Sata.

Hichilema and his entourage were yesterday morning blocked on their way to pay a courtesy call on Paramount chief Chitimukulu at what was supposedly a normal police road block in Kasama and attacked by PF cadres that were directed by Sata himself.

The UPND leader was in Kasama on what sources say was at the consent and personal invitation of the Bemba Royal Establishment (BRE) but Sata directed that PF thugs should never allow Hichilema to meet the Chitimukulu.

Sata dethroned Chief Mwamaba the current Chitmukulu a few months before people there defied his orders and installed the same man  Chanda Sosala as Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

Sources in Kasama say among those that were whipped by Sata’s thugs were people from the Bemba Royal Establishment that had gone to welcome the UPND leader with a view to take him to the palace.

Eye-witnesses say  Hichilema and some members of the Royal Establishment went to Kasama police station to complain and ask for an escort but the police, under the direction of  Sata could not do anything.

“Mr. Hichilema and his entourage that included former deputy speaker of National Assembly Mutale Nalumango and some MPs were held at police station for several hours as Sata’s panga-wielding cadres waited for him outside. Even when they were released, the cadres followed them in more than 20 hired vehicles all the way until HH’s convey stopped to see what they actually wanted to do. It was at that stage that police fired teargas canisters to disperse Sata’s cadres,” sources have told the Watchdog.

Police sources who bemoaned the level of violence in the country by PF said even after the teargas, Sata instructed his cadres to waylay the UPND leader and his entourage in Mpika but luckily some among them tipped them to use other routes.

Hichilema later told a radio station that they were stopped on what was a normal road block by police when all of a sudden 20 cars loaded with a lot of people arrived at the scene and whipped his entourage even after they sought refugee in a nearby police station.

In Lusaka, UPND cadres under their leader William Banda had told Muvi TV channel that they were mobilizing more than 70 buses to travel to Kasama and sort out the situation.

Commenting on the incidence, the UPND posted on its official website that
‘We ask you all our friends to remain calm. Even if the police refuse to protect us, God almighty is there. Please also desist from tribal hate speech. It is not as if the whole Kasama descended on HH. This was the work of hired thugs whose instruction was to make sure that HH does not meet with Chitimukulu Kanyanta manga and the rest of Bashilubemba. Of course we all know the recent history between Bashilubemba and this PF Regime.
‘This was as much to humiliate and hurt HH but also the Chitimukulu who invited HH. Lets close ranks, stand shoulder to shoulder and work even harder as we look towards 2016. Even our founding fathers were beaten and reported on by colonial police as they found for our Independence.
We shall overcome./

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