HH warns Lungu over theft

HH warns Lungu over theft

When a so called leader is corrupt, they do not care about the suffering masses, their preoccupation is to steal from government and steal more and more to enrich themselves.

And as such sentiments made by Mr. Edgar Lungu of PF that “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala” are a confirmation of his corruption and public theft but we will stop him from stealing anymore, soon.

Clearly, watching and listening to the man, he literally says he will leave the government of Zambia bankrupt. Who says a thing like that? Only a man who’s preoccupation is self aggrandisement using public resources. Public resources meant to alleviate poverty in our country are being diverted to individuals. Is this the kind of government our country needs to progress.

We have always known that our country is in hands of corrupt individuals but what we didn’t fathom was the level of impunity with which corruption is being encouraged.

In view of that and by virtue of this statement we wish to state that we shall take decisive actions to stop Mr. Lungu from further depleting our country’s resources. If it means writing to international institutions that are fighting corruption and plundering of public resources, we shall do so in order to protect our country’s properties from being individualised.

Fellow citizens, time to unite and act is now, let’s save our country’s economy and democracy for our future generations.

Mr Lungu and corrupt associates must know that “umulandu taubola.”

*Hakainde Hichilema*

*UPND President.*

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