HH warns UPND MP flirting with Sata

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema cautioned newly elected Livingstone MP Howard Sikwela against falling into the temptation and trap of getting a deputy ministerial job from President Michael Sata because the party does not want to associate itself with a government which was brutal and inept against the citizenry.

Hichilema said if the people of Livingstone wanted an MP who was going to work with the PF government when they were forced to go for a by-election recently, they would not have voted for the opposition.

“There is no MP in the UPND who will be allowed to be appointed as deputy minister in the Sata administration. That is the position of the party and not of Hakainde and Rev. Sikwela is aware of.

“If the people of Livingstone wanted to vote for someone so that he is appointed minister, they would not have rejected the PF and voted for the opposition,” Hichilema said.

He stated that the responsibility of Sikwela should not be to aspire to be minister in the PF government but to see to it that the people of Livingstone get the best representation in parliament.

When asked, Rev.Sikwela said that he was voted on the UPND ticket and would always remain a committed member of the opposition and not PF. Rv Sikwela was seen flirting with President Sata.

At the launch of the Link Zambia 8000 road project, Rev Sikwela was referred to by President Sata, as one of the MPs that wanted to work with PF but was being blocked by Hichilema.

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