HH: we don’t need guns to fight injustice

HH: we don’t need guns to fight injustice

Hakainde Hichilema says:

We have learnt with a deep shock and regret that heavily armed police searched our Secretariat while we were being conferred with an African Freedom Award in South Africa.

They had a search warrant signed by a magistrate to look for weapons. Their search was futile. It was another example of needless intimidation and a complete waste of public resources.

This was nothing but another perfect example of the abuse of public institutions by our colleagues in the PF.

We do not need any guns to fight injustices because our weapon is God who gives us life, our guns and weapons lie in the strength to be honest, do just to others and stand up for our freedoms and democracy.

Ours is to work round the clock and ensure our country has good education system, a quality healthcare delivery system, good governance and rule of law, and basically if you like, our minds are preoccupied with working for our country’s good.

God Bless you all,

God Bless our Country.


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