HH will never use the poor for publicity

HH will never use the poor for publicity


By: Anthony Bwalya

Let us be very clear from the onset, and state that it is the primary preoccupation of President Hakainde Hichilema and indeed the United Party for National Development (UPND), that we should create a society that works for everyone; and one that provides real opportunity for the youth to explore their talents and optimise their potential to succeed.

Let it also be know, that in an era where politicians find it fashionable to parade the weak and helples for political expediency, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has never sought or attempted to use his position of privilege to exploit the vulnerability of those least fortunate for his political ends. Mr. Hichilema continues to provide invaluable assistance to a lot of hard-pressed citizens and yet he has never sought to exploitatively benefit from the fragility of the people to whom he continues to provide assistance. For him, helping people is not a political issue. It is Ubuntu.

And indeed, the much publicized case of Tina Kaluza, a supposedly talented young woman who wants to engage and explore the world of entertainment in Nigeria, is a very curious one. It appears that this is a young woman whose vulnerability was set up for exploitation by unconscionable, unrepentant, opportunistic politicians; who wanted to capitalize on the almost unsuspecting naivety of an honest young person, for their own floundering political ambitions.

The case of Ms. Kaluza is the perfect example of how the Patriotic Front (PF) have relentlessly persued an agenda of destructive economics, an agenda that has exacerbated poverty; as well as diverting opportunity and choice away from ordinary people and firmly placed the fate of the masses at the mercy of corrupt government politicians belonging to the PF.

The PF must be reminded, that since they took power in the summer of 2011, a staggering $2,411.26 has been stolen every minute; suggesting an unfathomable + $10 billion taken away from Zambians by corrupt politicians and their associates.

The Patriotic Front party itself, continue to illegally solicit for financing through the irregular award of public contracts; with over over $10 million thought to have been obtained by pawning our collective public interest for partisan benefit. The 2018 Financial Intelligence Center report revealed K10 million was illegally paid to the Patriotic Front after gambling with public contracts.

And it is this level of greed under the stewardship of the PF that has created the kind of destitution that Ms. Kaluza has found herself in, the sort of hopelessness that systematically denies, even the most talented of young men and women, an honest opportunity to pursue their dreams.

The PF and it’s leadership enjoy this kind of brokenness. It is this kind of systematic exclusion that gives them the perfect opportunity to prey on the susceptibility of innocent, often hardworking citizens, by parading them to the masses for their perverted political gain. This is why even President Edgar Lungu has no shame having his name imprinted on relief supplies to people whose suffering has ironically been occasioned by the lack of sound leadership of the PF. This is also why Mr. Lungu’s foremost disciple and bonafide bootlicker Mr. Bowman Lusambo, unashamedly goes into a constituency and distributes over K1 million worth of mealie meal and contemptuously throws money in the air for people to scramble over. Lusambo comes to Kabushi and parades our grandmothers and fathers for the cameras, not as symbols of timeless wisdom and wise counsel, but as apparatus of political opportunity for himself, President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front.

This is the character and legacy of the PF – political opportunists and vultures, waiting to prey on the vulnerability of the next victim.

Ms. Kaluza provided them with that opportunity and they took it.

Mr. Hichilema will not participate in the open exploitation of a young woman, or indeed any other citizen who may require assistance, for political purposes. We will focus on creating society – wide systems that will be aimed at creating lasting platforms of opportunity for all, primarily here at home.

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