HH won’t go to Chinaali , says Katuka

HH won’t go to Chinaali , says Katuka

The thug who is in a white short and white shirt has been identified. He is Essau Jere the serenje pf chairman.


*…as he demands for the arrest of Serenje PF Chairman, Esau Jere*

Lusaka – 19/10/20

UNITED PARTY FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Secretary General, Stephen Katuka has demanded for the immediate arrest of Serenje district Vice youth Chairman Esau Jere for attacking UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s entourage in full view of the police.

And UPND Chairman for Agriculture Levy Ngoma says the party will not avail its leader Hakainde Hichilema before any Muchinga Police station as he was the victim of PF aggression.

Addressing the media in Lusaka this morning, Mr Katuka said it was appalling to note that the police have failed to arrest Mr. Jere who is visibly seen in both video and pictorial footage carrying and throwing stones at the UPND Presidential convoy in pure infringement of President Hichilema’s fundamental freedoms of movement and assembly.

He said the police must first move in and arrest the known PF cadres who caused full scale damage to property in Serenje and Lavushimanda districts before issuing any call outs to the UPND leader.

“We are aware that there is a police call out somewhere for President Hichilema. On the Serenje incident, the UPND convoy was on a public road so there is no way we could just stop our vehicles to start attacking anyone. We demand for the arrest of one Esau Jere, the PF Youth Chairman for Serenje who was the mastermind of the trail of destruction in that area. We demand for the arrest of those who caused the fracas before they could demand for HH’s arrest,” he said.

And Mr.Ngoma said only a sane victim can report themselves to the police for questioning and added that the party will not allow its President to leave for Chinsali on police instructions.

“We are the victims.President Hichilema was the victim of the PF attack and we find it absurd that the police has decided to the victim and not the aggressors for interviews.We are also aware that the PF has set up teams between Kabwe and Chinsali to cause mayhem and harm the UPND team.Let the police protect this one man called Hichilema who is a bonafide citizen of this country and not harass him.That we shall not allow”,Mr Ngoma added.


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