HH writes to police boss over PF cadres in police uniform

HH writes to police boss over PF cadres in police uniform


img_1297 img_1299 img_1300UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has written to the Inspector General of the Zambia Police Kakoma Kanganja over the presence of PF cadres in the police service being disguised as police officers.

In a letter addressed to Mr. Kanganja and copied to some local and international bodies including the churches, with enclosed photos of some police officers in PF regalia, Mr. Hichilema said that his party had on several occasions raised the issue of PF cadres dressed in police uniforms that are brutalising UPND members and the Zambian citizens.

He says security wings such as the Zambia Police must remain professional and not involve themselves in partisan politics as doing so was endangering the security of the nation.

There has been unprecedented circulation of footage and pictures of alleged PF cadres disguised as Zambia Police officers dressed both in PF regalia and police uniforms while flashing PF party symbols, with Zambia police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo confirming.

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